The Kauai Farmacy

October 9, 2017

When I’m not out exploring the island, or photographing a family session you can find me sipping on tea at the Kauai Farmacy. I started volunteering at the Farmacy to learn more about plants and gardening for my own personal growth. One thing led to another and I now currently work at the Farmacy two days a week; helping them with their social media, as well as harvesting, processing, tinning, making labels and talking story with the visitors at the Tea Lani. The Kauai Farmacy is a temple for me. A place where I can walk barefoot in the gardens, munch on herbs, share stories with co-workers, drink yummy tea all day long, learn about healing plants, use my photography skills and social media knowledge all for the core desire of helping others heal through herbs.

The Farmacy is a 4 acre farm that grows 70 medicinal plants. All plants are grown in rich volcanic soil, hand harvested, and cured slowly on site in Kauai Farmacy’s solar dehydrators. Then the herbs are hand processed in small batches to make tea. The tea then gets tinned and labeled in the ‘dry room’ and then is put on the shelves for the public to enjoy! The Kauai Farmacy is truly nature’s medicine cabinet.

Visitors can explore the gardens, sample tea, taste the herbs and learn about Kauai Farmacy’s seed to cup experience during a medicinal garden tour. If you’re not into tours, don’t worry, the Tea Lani is a magical place where you can go to unwind and relax all while enjoying a pot of tea at the Farm Store.