October 2, 2017

I first met Nina at Nani Moon Meadery in Kapaa, Kauai. Nina owns and operates Hawaii’s only Meadery. We instantly connected after learning she is originally from Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. (The same town where my boyfriend, James, grew up.) Talk about a small world! We spent our time sipping mead (fermented honey) and reminiscing of good ole Cheltenham. We were even lucky enough to meet her charming son, Hunter, who humored us with his jokes.

When I found out Nina was expecting, I was so thrilled she wanted to do a maternity shoot. She was a trooper! We hiked through the woods, went on long beach walks, swam in the ocean and even warded tourists away from a Hawaiian monk seal. (shoutout to Hunter for that one). Nina’s patience and love for Hunter, and her soon to be daughter, is what made the final outcome so magical.






Location: Tunnels Beach and Ke’e State Park. Kauai, Hawaii.